In-house German Copywriter

eobiont is a marketing communication and design agency specialized in public awareness, high-tech and the innovation space. We love our work, which means that our work has to be lovable. It should not only be intrinsically rewarding but also hopefully make a positive contribution to our world. Our main focus is to help organizations solve difficult communication problems. These typically involve behavior change, making complex high-tech processes understandable and introducing innovative products to undefined markets. As a result we are very strategy oriented and have developed our own methodology for working with clients and developing projects.

Our Services include: Communication Strategy Brand Development Online Marketing Ecosystems Advertising Website + App Development Video + Animation Corporate Communication Co-Creation Workshops

We are looking for an in-house German copywriter. Responsibilities, depending on your skill set, will be wide ranging and can include heads, short copy, long copy (with research) and concept development. Since many of our clients are high-tech, you should enjoy reading, learning and writing about science and tech subjects. At this point we are flexible about the working relationship. We can begin freelance or part-time and/or workspace co-sharing, but our goal is to have a reliable in-house copywriter who is a fixed part of our team and has a deep understanding for our clients and their products.

If you are interested, please send in your CV and a few work examples to

Please direct your questions or send your application to:
Daniel Trattler
Phone: +49 (30) 44 02 01 41