Annual Reports

Between the Balance Sheets


Every year companies face the challenge of presenting the cold financial facts in their annual report in a fresh way. CardProcess is a division of Volksbank Raiffeisenbank that provides card payment services to their member banks and business customers. They asked us to develop a strategy for their annual reports that would support the company’s evolving business in an exciting manner while strengthening their brand through a cohesive design that could be maintained over multiple years.


As communication migrates from traditional media to digital, paper can offer a more elegant and more memorable user experience through the use of high quality materials and special finishing techniques.


Perhaps our greatest asset was the ability to start early. As we developed communication products for campaigns throughout the year, we kept an eye open for high-end photography that could be later integrated into the annual report. This would often be combined with an additional photo shoot specifically for the report. Finally high-end photographs and visionary copy would be enhanced through finishing processes such as varnish, embossing and die-cutting. These pages would be intermingled between the business division reports providing an emotional pause from the rational numbers and a story that carried the reader from the start to the finish.