Interactive Website

Advertising in the Concrete Jungle


DIE DRAUSSENWERBER not only have a dizzying array of outdoor advertising products, they also have a very diverse customer base ranging from large specialist agencies to small local businesses with marginal expertise. They needed a website that would be as easy as possible for a novice to navigate through their product offerings and at the same time provide added value to more experienced clients.


To make sure that the website would appeal to the largest group of visitors possible, we focused on the needs of the two extremes. Novice users would be interested in learning about the type of products available and look for guidance in choosing the ones most appropriate for them. Advanced users were mainly interested in budgeting and location.


We had already developed a highly successful cityscape showing all DIE DRAUSSENWERBER products in a poster and in print materials. We used this on the start page as a visual guide and an easy way to locate products they might be interested in. Each product page was filled with basic info, pricing, location and usage examples. For experienced users we developed several apps. One allowed them to create customized planning of campaigns and budgets, which they could print out and/or send to DIE DRAUSSENWERBER as a booking request. A second app enabled the user to enter one or more locations on a map so they could see what products were available within certain radii. From here they could also create booking requests. To make things easier for visitors of all levels, customer service help was made accessible on every page.


The website has received wide-ranging accolades and the sales force now use it on a tablet as their main demonstration tool with clients.