The New Ampelini XL App is Here!

The New Ampelini XL App is Here!

Last week eobiont launched Ampelini XL, the second mobile app in the Ampelini series designed to playfully teach children aged 3-8 how to stay safe in everyday situations. Through the exploration of this wacky world filled with learning games, strange creatures and silly surprises, kids learn to recognize and deal with dangers they may encounter in real life, especially in traffic.

This app is based on the Ampelini website, which was conceptualized in 2004 and the idea of which we have continually been expanding ever since. It was named the best children’s website at Germany’s GOLDEN SPARROW children’s media festival of 2011 and achieved the Erfurter Netcode quality seal for meeting youth protection regulations and supporting children’s social and cognitive development.

This latest downloadable version now allows you to switch between German and English and, as all previous versions, is provided free with no advertisements as a public service from the German Insurance Industry.

Access the app on GooglePlay for Android:

and on the Apple App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch:

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