Upcoming Talk: Sleeping-with-the-Enemy Strategies

Upcoming Talk: Sleeping-with-the-Enemy Strategies

Coming up this November at the Quadriga Forum Berlin, eobiont’s own Claudia Groetschel will be presenting at the Vertriebsmanager Conferences, the focus of which is finding opportunities for growth in the international market. Claudia, along with Norbert Schaaf, the co-chairman of the initiative “Rauchmelder retten Leben” (Smoke Detectors Save Lives) will discuss how working with competitors can sometimes work to your advantage. They will elaborate on details of the sleeping-with-the-enemy strategy that was integral to the success of this national awareness campaign for smoke detectors.

In 2000, only 5% of private households were set up with these life-saving devices. In the same year, competing smoke detector manufacturers along with leading fire department associations made the unusual move of banding together to create the initiative “Rauchmelder retten Leben”, hiring eobiont for the awareness campaign. Not only did national average installment rates go up to 38% by 2010, there were other positive effects: by 2005, state governments began changing the laws to make smoke detectors a requirement. This summer, the last German states of Berlin and Brandenburg added smoke detector requirement laws to their books and the rate of installment is up to nearly 90%. In parallel, the manufacturers who were part of this initiative make up virtually all of the important players in today’s market.

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