The Jury is in for the WHS Startup Track 2016!

The Jury is in for the WHS Startup Track 2016!

The World Health Summit Startup Track, developed last year by eobiont, gives young entrepreneurs in the healthcare sector the chance to pitch their business concepts to world leaders in science, industry and politics. Of the nearly 80 entrepreneurs who applied this year, only 10 were given the opportunity to present. This second annual Startup Track, which we also organized and moderated, featured exciting and innovative pitches, which focused on topics ranging from cancer care management to Google Glass-controlled wheelchairs. It’s safe to say everyone who attended came away inspired. But there could only be one World Health Summit Startup Track winner for 2016!

And this year’s winner, presented by German Federal Minister of Health, Hermann Gröhe at the AllianzForum, was iFeel Labs from Israel. Their concept helps asthma sufferers improve lung function through popular game apps (such as Candy Crush) converted into biosense games. These use HRV (heart rate variability) breathing measurements to signal when users should inhale and exhale. Users only progress in the game when they are breathing properly and healthily. The jury, made up of Jutta Klauer (Pfizer Germany), Kai Uwe Bindseil (Berlin Partner for Business and Technology), Markus Müschenich (BiM), Klaus Stöckemann (Peppermint VenturePartners GmbH) and others, had this to say about their chosen winner: “With its focus on asthma, iFeel Health takes a revolutionary approach to one of the biggest global health problems today. It combines medical insight with computational expertise. Most importantly it manages the actual cause of asthma, maladaptation to stress, rather than just masking symptoms. With over 300 million asthma sufferers worldwide, iFeel Health has the potential to make a major impact on one of the most common debilitating chronic diseases today.“

As the Startup Track winner, iFeel Labs will receive an exclusive expert coaching from Flying Health, one of the leading company builders for health startups in Germany, and will be invited to participate in the next World Health Summit in 2017. Plus they will receive special access to the WHS and M8 Alliance network and will be invited by Berlin Partner for Business and Technology for the “Start Alliance Program Berlin 2017,” which supports international exchange and conversation of driven, smart and creative minds. International startups have the opportunity to work together with German industry leaders in Berlin.

After this year’s WHS, which was attended by approximately 1800 doctors, scientists, NGOs, politicians and industry representatives from 90 countries, we at eobiont are already excited to get to work on next year’s Startup Track program!

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