The Future of Medicine at the World Health Summit

The Future of Medicine at the World Health Summit

We are proud to participate in the World Health Summit again this year with the Entrepreneurs in Global Health, presented by our very own Daniel Trattler on Monday, October 25, at 1pm-1:45pm (CET).

This program, which is only digital this year, gives a platform for five innovators in the area of global health to showcase their ideas, providing a way to push forward revolutionary global health improvements.

eobiont has played an active role in the World Health Summit since 2017 when we helped to develop (and of course moderate) the similarly focused Startup Track program, which in 2019 became the Entrepreneurs in Global Health initiative, a cooperation between the World Health Summit, the Stiftung Charité and the Berlin Institute for Health (BIH).

Among this year’s subjects are:

Vaccinations: Health as a global public good The expansion of the EU’s role in global health AI in global healthcare COVID-19: Lessons learned AND the economics of healthcare for all.

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Meet the Entrepreneurs:

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