New Online Video: The Dragon and the Smoke Detector

New Online Video: The Dragon and the Smoke Detector

It's always a challenge to find new ways to emotionalize smoke detectors—especially after working for so many years to promote them. We have made a lot of headway in the area of creating public awareness and influencing policies that make smoke detectors a requirement in German homes, but there is still more to do. For the 15th anniversary of the “Rauchmelder retten Leben” (“Smoke Detectors Save Lives”) campaign, we created this new online video, which is some of our best effort yet.

We wanted to touch upon the very human element of just what is at stake in a fire, a situation in which lives can be affected in a deeply personal and often tragic way. But… it would be unlike us to make it that simple. Rather than give away the plot, just have a look at the link below!

If your German isn’t up to snuff remember to turn on the CC button on the control panel.

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