Your Nose Could Blow It in a Fire

How Mr. Sniffer Learned to Love the Smoke Detector.

Fire Prevention Forum
Video and Animation


Smoke detectors aren’t the most engaging of topics. So, the question was, how to make a video about them that people would want to watch and share online without diminishing the message?

When you sleep, your senses do as well. However, there exists a prevailing myth that your nostrils will wake you in case of a fire. Debunking this idea would make a good point for a funny video.

We wanted the video to work without sound so that it could be shown in the background during firehouse events or could be played discreetly on a computer at work. We also wanted it to be accessible by everyone. Therefore, there would be no dialogue.

We created a YouTube cartoon starring Mr. Sniffer, a guy with a giant schnozz who is quite proud of his extra keen sense of smell. But what will save his nose when a fire breaks out while he and his wife are sleeping?

People loved the humorous approach to a serious topic, and promoters, such as local fire departments, shared the video on their websites. So far, there have been over 200,000 views on social media without any paid promotion.