Follow the Leaders

Highlighting the benefits of card payment acceptance for small businesses.

Video and Animation


As part of our VR pay campaign to encourage Volksbank Raiffeisenbank’s business customers to accept card payments, we needed to create a branded website. Our experiences with behavior change had taught us that rational arguments alone are never enough to alter ingrained attitudes. We needed an emotional trigger.

Germany has a longstanding and deserved reputation for high-quality goods. However, what it often lacking is effective customer service. We needed to demonstrate that business leadership today means having not just exceptional products but great service as well, and easy payment options are part of that service standard.

We found three remarkable business entrepreneurs with great passion and creative drive. For all of them, customer service and card payments are indeed self-evident. But what makes them particularly interesting for our purpose is that they are all involved in low-ticket sectors: a coffee shop and roaster, a bakery and a hair blowout bar – businesses that are typically cash only in Germany. All three represent the best-in-class in their category, and yet they understand that great customer service was still essential. We made short documentary videos of each of the businesses in which they could tell their story and show their businesses in action. Their infectious enthusiasm functions as a motivation for other business operators, who want to emulate their success and become entrepreneurial visionaries themselves.