Trade Show Overrun by Zombies!

Campy horror and comic relief gets attention for emergency technology.

Safety, Innovation and Tech
Video and Animation


The Building Technologies Division of Siemens AG has a high-end command and control system used by firefighters and the police to respond to emergencies. They asked us to create a video to promote this product and attract people to their trade show stand. The catch: it had to be finished in one week and could use no sound.

For visitors to these specialty trade shows, real emergency situations are neither attention-getting nor do they form a positive association. To get people to stop and look, we would have to create something unexpected in that context and also fascinating to watch. Yet it would still have to refer to the product.

We gathered together familiar and funny scenes from old and low-budget science fiction and horror movies and used them as a metaphor for real life emergency situations for which the Siemens technology would be used. This enabled us to communicate the epic proportions of the Siemen’s solution without having to show the reality of genuine catastrophes. And the resulting video loop was simply fun to watch. Because of time and budget restrictions we had to use films that were in the public domain, yet this restriction led to some interesting results. But enough talk. Take a look for yourself!

The video loop gathered a continuous crowd of onlookers who were relieved to have a moment of fun in the midst of a hectic trade show. This gave the sales team an opportunity to engage with them in a pleasant and friendly way and left visitors with a strong, positive memory of their Siemens experience. The video has come to be known as their “secret weapon.”