Where There’s Smoke, There’s Dragons

A public awareness video that touches the viewer through a gamut of emotions.

Fire Prevention Forum
Video and Animation


For our Smoke Detectors Save Lives public awareness campaign, it is an ongoing challenge for the eobiont team to keep the topic of smoke detectors relevant and interesting for consumers. Our “Dragon, Fear Not the Smoke Detector” is a highlight.

Chances are you will never need that plastic disc that is screwed into your ceiling, but someday it just might save your life. Since 2000 we have been faced with the ongoing challenge of keeping up consumer interest for the lowly smoke detector. Through the years we have created a number of engaging and sharable videos and animations on the topic. Our “Dragon, Fear Not the Smoke Detector” video is a highlight.

The story is seen through the eyes of a toy stuffed animal, but before we spoil the plot, just watch it yourself. It’s only 1:20 minutes long, but make sure you watch it until the end. Some people loved it and some probably hated it, but the video had over 500,000 views on Facebook without any paid promotion.