Learn, Design, Test, Repeat

Our co-creation workshops were originally conceived as an integral part of Creation Machine methodology, working with clients on concrete communication solutions. They have subsequently become so popular, that we now offer them as stand-alone training for companies and organizations. Some of our strategy presentations are also available as online webinars.


Website/App Blueprinting

An effective website or app begins with a well-formed plan.

Brand Meridian

Create a framework for your brand identity, positioning and message.

Design Dash

Exceptional design and strategy solutions through structured creative collaboration.

Communication Prototyping

Fast and furious communication strategies to build upon.

Collective Intelligence

Can ants help solve organizational challenges?

Content Mapping

Take control of your online marketing communication.

Sketch Fluency

Learn to express your ideas with convincing sketches in no time.


Develop story streams to lead your users across your multiple content channels.

Effective Presentations

How to become a presentation expert instead of putting your audience to sleep.

Focus Future

Steer your business back into innovation mode.