Case Studies

Startup Track

A startup competition generates awareness and engagement for a forum dedicated to global health issues.

Helen Doron English social media

Online lead generation for an international education franchise.


Using Facebook advertising to promote a medical startup.


a multi-platform online marketing strategy for a premium awning maker.


Social media advertising for senior citizens.

Money = Fish

A fresh print campaign attracts new customers for a fintech startup.

THW volunteers

Promoting volunteer recruitment at the grassroots level.


Communicating a complex range of advertising possibilities in one clear poster.

Smoke detector website

Editorial website content that addresses a multitude of conflicting interest groups.

msg life website

A multi-tier website development project for an international insurance industry visionary.

Eurostaff website

Marketing for integrity in the IT recruitment business.

crobo website

Performance marketing made simple on the new crobo website.

Bye Bye Läuse website

The fast and inexpensive way to create an individualized website.

msg life

Transforming marketing strategy in a leading insurance IT company.

Card Process

Managing the marketing channels of a complex payment services business.

Smoke detector awareness

Keeping a fire safety public awareness campaign fresh over 18 years.

Helen Doron English

National advertising integrated with local promotion activities for an education franchise.

Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak explores new ways of leveraging big data and social media.


eobiont's Creation Machine methodology creates framework for Oracle marketing campaign.


Developing a fast track brand and marketing strategy for a medical startup.

Helen Doron English workshop

A 100-participant marketing workshop for an international conference.

Young Heroes

An international social media campaign to match an educational company’s humanistic philosophy.

LIQID strategy

Developing integrated strategy for a new fintech wealth manager.

Smoke detector social media

Promoting public awareness through online content marketing.

120 Seconds

120 Seconds Brand Development


Maintaining a continuous stream of marketing content, creatives and collaterals for one of the biggest transport logistics cloud providers


The Transporeon website relaunch in nine language versions

Helen Doron English campaign

The Easy Way Campaign.

Ampelini app

Ampelini app.

VR pay

Highlighting the benefits of card payment acceptance for small businesses.

msg life brand identity

A 35-year-old IT company gets a brand identity update to reflect its unique market positioning.


Outdoor Advertising.

VR pay POS

POS and mailing campaign.

VR pay website

A website aimed to encourage German retailers to accept card payments.

Crobo branding

How to completely reposition a performance marketing platform in 3 weeks.

Dragons and Smoke Detectors

A public awareness video that touches the viewer through a gamut of emotions.

Smoke Detector Day.

How Friday the 13th became an auspicious day for fire safety.

Dom Curry

A new brand flavor for a gourmet curry wurst stand.

Ampelinis Tailer

A Two-Minute Video Introduction to the Ampelinis.


An award-winning, new brand identity and brand architecture for a leading transport logistics tech company


Creating a unique-looking explainer animation for a tech company

Mr. Sniffer Film

How Mr. Sniffer Learned to Love the Smoke Detector.

Bye Bye Läuse

Developing a brand identity for a new product category.

Helen Doron English video

Kids explain the advantages of early language acquisition.

CO macht KO

Carbon monoxide poisoning awareness gets its own brand in Germany

Smoke detector campaign

Changing misconceptions about fire safety in Germany.


Online mattress retailer promotes the importance of a good night's rest.


A new logo and corporate design for a recruiting tech startup

Ampelini characters

The creation of relatable, colorful characters to teach child safety.


Campy horror and comic relief gets attention for emergency technology.

Atlantic Zeiser

MedTracker and BrandTracker videos.

VR pay branding

A visual identity to promote card payment services in Germany.